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Revamping & Upgrading (MOC)

Seamless project management and execution to help our clients with project planning, execution, and final box-up. We provide end-to-end support including upgrading, repairing, revamping, overhauling, dismantling, and installing industrial equipment.

Our experts apply their valuable strength managing MOC projects, by providing execution plan, delivering the projects successfully being supported by different technologies owning heavy equipment, and meeting the timeline especially in the period of SD/TA:

  • Plant equipment installation and dismantling
  • Plant equipment revamping and upgrading
  • Plant equipment modification and repair
  • Plant piping modification and re-routing
  • Effective allocation of resources
  • Hassle-free project execution, and more
  • Timely delivery without incurring additional costs
  • Capability to manage multiple MOC projects internally
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