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General Maintenance

Industry leading preventive and corrective maintenance services across a range of industries. Providing holistic general maintenance support to our clients, we can deploy a team of over 350 staff trained to support emergencies.

  • Trusted partner for general maintenance for over six decades.
  • Actively engaged on long-term contracts.

Tank Maintenance & Repair

  • Product transfer, emptying and cleaning
  • Sludge removal & disposal, decontamination, and degreasing
  • Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and reconstruction as per API653
  • Re-positioning roof support legs offline
  • Repair of internal floating roofs
  • Installation and replacement of float roof seals
  • Repair/replacement of bottom plate, annular plate, and roof/float roofs
  • Scaffolding, Blasting, painting/coating, and lining
  • Cold cutting, demolishing and re-instating
  • Cathodic protection, replacement of anodes
  • Civil repair work

Process Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Vessel/ Column/ Towers/ Filters/ Drums

  • Blind to blind isolation
  • Chemical cleaning/ hydrocarbon decontamination
  • Hydro Jetting and Vacuuming
  • 3D Nozzle cleaning
  • Welding repairs for shell and internals
  • Trays, packing, demisters & internals removal and replacement
  • Bolt torqueing & Tensioning
  • Scaffolding, Blasting, painting/coating, and lining
  • Cold cutting with hazard free hydro cutting method
  • Inspections

Heat Exchanger / Fin Fan

  • Blind to blind isolation
  • Bundle pulling service (Truck mounted and Aerial Bundle puller)
  • Hydrojetting Services
  • Chemical cleaning/ hydrocarbon decontamination
  • Repairs and Fabrication
  • Re-tubing
  • Scaffolding, Blasting, painting/coating, and lining
  • Leak Testing and Tube Plugging
  • Hydrotesting of bundle and shell
  • Inspections
  • Bolt torqueing & Tensioning
  • Machining and Flange Facing services


  • Isolation of the system
  • Chemical service
  • Hydro jetting and Vacuuming services
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Cold cutting with hazard free hydro cutting method
  • Inspections
  • Mechanical maintenance and repair
  • Welding, cutting and fabrication of boiler tubes

Hydro Jetting

Specialized automated hydrojetting services having:

  • Five, Three and Single lance system for tube cleaning
  • High pressure 3D cleaning for vessels, Drums, Filters and Tanks
  • High pressure rotary pipe cleaning device

Chemical Cleaning

  • Close loop, open loop, cascading, vapor phase cleaning (Degreasing, acid cleaning, passivation and neutralization)
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Lube Oil Flushing
  • Lube oil, mineral oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil cleaning and filtration
  • Solvent cleaning

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

  • Close loop, cascading liquid phase
  • Vapor phase decontamination

Hazardous Waste Management

  • Hazardous/ non-hazardous waste transport, treatment and disposal

Bundle Pulling

  • Truck Mounted Bundle Puller (TMBP) 20T – 2m
  • Areal Mounted Bundle Puller (AMBP) 65T – 3m

Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning

  • Bolt torqueing
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Flange separating and nut splitting

Insulation Services

  • Cold
  • Hot
  • Acoustic

Blasting & Coating Services

Apart from our experience in scaffolding service, we also offer blasting and coating services. We have highly skilled certified supervisors and inspectors, blasters and painters.

Catalyst Handling

  • Blinding of equipment
  • Removal / Installation of internals
  • Vacuum unloading / gravity unloading
  • Catalyst skimming
  • Inert Entry (under N₂)
  • Reactor neutralization (soda ash wash)
  • Pre-bagging / pre-socking and screening of catalyst
  • Sock Loading
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